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Welcome to Steve’s Pit Stop Lube. With over 65 years combined auto repair service experience, Steve and his staff are eager make sure your auto is serviced with all the highest standards concerning safety and dependability. Steve’s staff is highly qualified to ensure their work and make sure you get the finest repair or service available to your automobile.

The next time your looking for an oil change or automobile service, consider the following pointers. Steve’s Pit Stop Lube has has them all!

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Our business is made up of 75 percent return customers, therefore we feel very appreciative to have these returning clients as well as new ones. Since all our customers we serve are the best, we strive to achieve 100% satisfaction in order to see them return. All our services and prices are very competitive and we welcome you to compare. Thanks for your time, and hope to see you at Steve's Pit Stop Lube soon!


Steve and Tina

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