Brakes in Centerton AR

Beyond airbags and backup cameras, your brakes are perhaps your car’s most important safety feature. If yours aren’t as reliable as they once were or you’ve noticed a loss in stopping power, it could be time to have them replaced. Drivers throughout Centerton, AR choose Steve’s Pit Stop Lube for brake replacement because they know they’ll get three things: fair prices, good work and reliable products.

Our scope of brake repair and replacement services covers you in any event—whether you need new pads or there’s need for repairs to your braking mechanisms. We’re knowledgeable in all brake repair services, including:

  • Brake pads

    We repair and replace brake pads to restore the full stopping power to your car. Our team works fast, making quick work of old brakes to get you safely behind the wheel again fast.

  • Rotors

    If you hear or feel grinding when you hit the brakes, it’s a sign that your rotors need work. We’re able to replace warped or damaged rotors as part of comprehensive brake repair and replacement.

  • Calipers

    Calipers are an essential part of your braking system and need to work flawlessly to apply pressure to your brakes. As cars age, calipers can become warped and damaged, and may need to be replaced. If you’re in for routine brake service, as us to check your brake calipers. We’ll make sure they’re in good condition or recommend replacements where needed.

  • Brake flush

    Your brakes operate via a fluid power system. If your brake pedal feels mushy or there’s an air gap in your line, we can fix it. Through master cylinder service, we drain, flush and replace your brake fluid, so you can rely on your brakes every time.

When you hit the brakes, you expect your vehicle to stop on a dime. We’ll make sure it does. Call 479-795-1060 to schedule brake repair service at Steve’s Pit Stop Lube today. We’ve made it our mission to keep Centerton, AR drivers safe, one new set of brakes at a time!

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