Coolant Flushes in Centerton, AR

We’ve all seen the movie where the car overheats on the side of the road, steam bellowing from an open hood. Don’t let this happen to you! When your engine can’t properly cool itself, it’s only a matter of time before you’re sidelined in Centerton, AR, waiting for a tow truck. The problem? Usually a radiator issue.

The best way to solve radiator issues is through a flush-and-fill. Make Steve’s Pit Stop Lube your destination for radiator services, including a complete coolant flush, restoring the flow and consistency of your coolant, protecting your engine from overheating.

  • Comprehensive Coolant Flush

    When you come to us for a coolant flush, we promise complete service! We don’t just drain out the old coolant and replace it, we do a complete flush. That means flushing until the fluid is clear and all debris is removed from your system. We also mix the ideal coolant ratio for the climate in and around Centerton, AR, so you’re guaranteed proper engine cooling all year round.

  • Do You Need a Coolant Flush?

    It can be hard to tell if you need a coolant flush. Luckily, there are a few telltale signs that will alert you to a coolant problem and the need for service. Pay attention to these things and notify your mechanic if you suspect a problem:

    • Yellow or brown coolant liquid leaking under your car
    • Strange smells coming from your car after driving
    • Engine temperature dash light comes on
    • Engine overheats and doesn’t seem to hold coolant

    It’s a smart idea to get your coolant flushed and replaced every 40,000 miles or so, to avoid radiator problems and engine cooling issues.

Keep it Cool

Without proper cooling, your engine is sure to overheat. Proper cooling starts with routine coolant flushes and radiator service. Trust Steve’s Pit Stop Lube to provide your vehicle with flush-and-fill service that keeps your coolant fresh and your engine cool. Contact us today at 479-795-1060 to schedule a service appointment.

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