Shocks and Struts in Centerton AR

Is your ride a little rough these days? Shocks and struts wear out with time and having yours replaced could make a huge difference in the smoothness of your ride. The roads in Centerton, AR aren’t terrible, but if you feel like you’re off-roading every time you accelerate, it’s definitely time to talk with the team at Steve’s Pit Stop Lube! We offer shock repair and strut replacement, restoring the smoothness of your commute.

Mechanics working on car shocks

  • Shock and Strut Replacement

    Our team works fast to get your car up on a rack, so we can inspect your shocks and struts. Sometimes, it’s a damper issue and we can easily perform shock repair to restore stability to your car. Other times, if your suspension is old and worn-out, it might take a complete replacement. For replacements, we use reliable shocks and struts from trusted OEM brands, giving your vehicle back its grounding.

  • Do You Need New Shocks/Struts?

    Unlike most automotive issues, it’s fairly easy to tell when you need new shocks and a struts replacement. If your vehicle shakes, rattles and rumbles down the road even at low speeds, it’s likely a suspension issue. If you notice your head keeps bumping against the ceiling, even on the smoothest Centerton, AR roads, here’s what else to look out for:

    • Excessive wheel vibration on generally flat roads
    • Suspension bottoms out on driveways and curbs
    • Car rocks and sways noticeably when the wind picks up
    • Dipping or shaking when you apply the breaks

    It won’t take you long to know something is up with your shocks and struts. If your ride feels more like a rollercoaster than a car, give us a call!

Ride Smooth and Steady

From your 4-door sedan to your lifted truck, Steve’s Pit Stop Lube has the experience needed to tackle shocks and struts, no matter the vehicle. We’ll identify damaged suspension components and get them replaced so you can glide in your ride. Reach us today at 479-795-1060 to schedule service.

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