Tires in Centerton AR

Your tires are the only thing between your vehicle and the ground. Make sure you’re rolling around Centerton, AR on treads that are safe and reliable, with tires ready to stand up to any road condition! Steve’s Pit Stop Lube can help keep your tires in their best condition, to extend their life, improve vehicle traction and save you money. Whether it’s patching a hole or tire balancing, we help keep your car grounded.

  • Rotating

    Getting a tire rotation every 8,000 miles or so is a great way to increase the tread life of your tires and avoid problems that come with uneven tread wear. Our team will make the proper rotations, giving your tires the opportunity to wear evenly. You’ll see better performance and traction, and tires that last longer and wear more evenly.

  • Balancing

    With time and wear, your tires can become unbalanced. Balance issues often stem from uneven treadwear and alignment issues, and they’ll get worse with time if not properly rebalanced. Imbalances in tires often show up in the form of vibration, which can be felt in your steering wheel. We can address both static and dynamic balancing issues, correcting them to restore smoothness and stability to your everyday driving experience.

  • Patches

    Got a slow leak in your tire? Road debris pose a hazard for any tire and if your tread is punctured, it could mean inconsistent tire pressure. We help Centerton, AR drivers get back on the road by patching slow leaks! We save you the cost of new tires by applying a lasting fix for small issues caused by light punctures.

When’s the last time you had your tires serviced? If the treads aren’t wearing evenly or there’s a slow leak affecting your tire pressure, contact Steve’s Pit Stop Lube and let us take a look. Our tire services span everything needed to keep your tires reliable and in good condition, so you can continue driving with confidence. Schedule a tire appointment today at 479-795-1060.

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