Transmission Flush & Repairs in Centerton, AR

Issues with your car’s transmission will cause big problems, fast. It’s best to have transmission troubles looked at and fixed by someone experienced in dealing with them. You don’t have to drive far in Centerton, Bentonville, or Osage Mills, AR for a transmission flush or basic transmission repairs—we perform them at Steve’s Pit Stop Lube!

If you notice problems while shifting, hear grinding noises coming from your car or notice fluid leaking underneath, talk to us about transmission repairs. Our shop is equipped with the tools and personnel to work on automatic and manual transmissions. We’re able to deliver routine service, transmission flushes, leak repairs and more:

Transmission Flush
  • Automatic transmission service

    If you notice grinding or shaking when you shift into gear, smell burning or hear whining and squeaking, it’s a good sign you’re due for transmission service. We service automatic transmissions and can flush and seal your transmission to preserve its integrity and eliminate long-term issues.

  • Manual transmission service

    Manual transmission service is easier than automatic transmission service, but nonetheless important. We’re able to drain and fill your transmission, checking performance to ensure this vital system is working flawlessly.

  • System flush

    Need a transmission flush? We’re equipped for automatic transmission flushes for 4-6-cylinder and 8-cylinder models. Our team takes care to ensure every flush is done thoroughly and completely.

  • Leak repairs

    Notice red fluid spots on the ground under your vehicle? This indicates a transmission leak and should be addressed right away. Centerton, AR drivers trust us to identify the source of the leak and ensure it’s repaired, while flushing and refilling transmission fluid.

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Undercarriage clunking got you worried? Leaving red marks on your driveway? Transmission issues will only get worse if they’re not fixed, and it takes a qualified professional to address them. At the first signs of trouble call Steve’s Pit Stop Lube at 479-795-1060 for transmission flushes, tire rotations, struts replacement, and more.

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**Please note that we do not offer transmission rebuilding. If you require more than basic transmission repairs, we may have to refer you to a specialty shop.